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2014 Belongs To Senior Heroes

They are the stalwarts of Telugu cinema and after 25 years into the business, they are still performing, adopting to the times and continuous changes in every front of film making. Yes We are talking about Nagarjuna, Balayya and Venkatesh. Not only with movies they won hearts with their offline activities too this year. undoubtedly 2014 belongs to senior heroes

Nagarjuna as bittu

“Manam” which has got three generations of Akkineni family stood as the best film in 2014. Akkineni Nagarjuna as a producer, believed in the script and given Vikram Kumar the best platform to play with. His acting prowess also proven once again through the movie, His acting in roles as Bittu(Nageshwar rao) and Sitaram won accolades from all groups of audience. He stood as sheet anchor for the film, his role was well written by script writers.

Not only with Manam, Nagarjuna won hearts of many, hosting the TV show “Meelo Yevaru Koteswarudu”. MEK become the first Television show to continuously top TRPs in South Indian Television history. MEK first season, success made him to start the second season after only 3 months of gap.