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Actress Namitha Got Cheated

NamithaApart from films, actresses earns incomes by attending the inauguration of shops and doing performances at weddings and functions. Recently a media manager had organized a dance performance of actress Namitha at a function in Surat. The same manager had earlier organized similar shows in the past and made sure Namitha gets a good pay check.

Relying on the confidence she had on the manager, Namitha rehearsed for few songs and performed in Surat. But after making the advance payment, the manager is said to have absconded with out paying the pending amount. After trying to reach him, he didn’t respond to Namitha’s calls by switching off his phone.

Namitha soon realized that the manager has cheated on her. Though she thought of lodging a compliant but dropped at the last minute. Now she is advising her co stars not to do the same mistake which she did by blindly believing someone.