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Anushka New Look As Devasena In Bahubali

Anushka-DevasenaRajamouli’s magnum opus Bahubali has completed shooting and the post production activities are going on in full swing where around 160 VFX companies are working. Rajamouli had announced earlier that he would be releasing different new looks of the stars in the film from May 1st till May 31st.

On 31st May he would be releasing the trailer of Bahubali. Already a couple of posters have been released from May 1st and now its time for the heroine Anushka. Here is another look of Anushka from the movie where she is playing the role of Devasena.

The new look is entirely different where Anushka was she was seen handcuffed with huge chains. Rajamouli’s caption for the role of Devasena is ” Tortured and held captive for years, are the embers of her spirit finally dying??”.