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Avunu 2 Telugu Movie Review

avunu2-reviewTitle: Avunu 2
Cast:Harsha Vardhan, Poorna, Ravi Babu
Director: Ravi Babu
Producer: Suresh Babu
Banner:Suresh Productions and Flying frogs
Release Date: 3-April-2015
Run Time: 107 Minutes
Rating: 2.5/5.0

After the debacle of ‘Laddu babu’, Ravi Babu coming to the audience with ‘Avunu 2’ a sequel of his earlier successful movie ‘Avunu’. He retained the same casting of Poorna, Harsha Vardhan along with Sanjjana. Ravi Babu himself also played a pivotal role. Here is Avunu 2 telugu movie review.

Avunu 2 starts at the same point where Avunu ends. After the bad experience they faced due to the lustful spirit of Captain Raju (Ravi babu), they shifts to a new flat. Though, Harsha recovers from the injuries, Mohini still can’t be out of the tragedy. But, little they know that Captain raju’s spirit followed them to the new flat.
Who is Sanjjana (Sanjjana)? How Mohini fights the situation? Forms the story.

Avunu worked out due to its suspense of why evil spirit needs. But here because we already know the characters and details of Captain Raju, the suspense part is missing. The plot is predictable right from the start.

Adding to that there are no dramatic twists, expect a few clichéd introduction of Sanjjana as ghost buster. One feels as we are watching the same film again, which a new name. Music too is loud at places.

Except the better climax, nothing is laudable or interesting in the whole movie. Ravi Babu used the same camera angles which again worked well to narrate a horror genre film.

Artist Performances:
Harsha Vardha, he have to learn faster if he wants to make any impact. He performed well during the fag end of the film.

Poorna, is very impressive with her expressions and seems like she has owned the character well.

Ravi Babu is brief, other cast haven’t helped the script.

Technical Departments:
Ravi Babu, somehow haven’t impressed the audience much with this film. He choose ditto setup as in the first part. But film’s run time and his planning helped film not to become a disaster.
Camera work is awesome, Music is loud, Art department have to be acknowledged, Editing is okay.

Disappointing Sequel