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Baahubali Influenced By NTR Movie?

Baahubali-prabhasBaahubali is the most awaited movie and most talked about film in Tollywood in recent times. As the movie is directed by Rajamouli the expectations are also very high on this movie.If rumors are to be believed the movie is loosely based on NTR’s periodic film Marmayogi which got released in the year 1951.Marmayogi released in made in both Telugu and Tamil. NTR played the lead role in the telugu version and MGR in Tamil Version. Marmayogi story is about a king’s mistress who dethrone the king and denies kingdom to his son’s.The younger prince(played by NTR) leads a rebellion against the queen and restores the kingdom to his father. Both the brothers doesn’t know each other that they are siblings, they will come to know at the end of the movie.

In Baahubali both Prabhas and Rana are playing two brothers. The first part of Baahubali is scheduled to release in the first half of 2015.