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Baahubali Speculation : Anushka Pregnant

Anushka_BaahubaliThere is a recent speculation on Baahubali’s story. Though it is not sure how much extent the speculation is true, below are the details.

As per the airing news, Anushka will be shown as pregnant in Baahubali. She will appear as pregnant in the second part of the film. It is already known that we will have Baahubali in two parts. Rana’s character will come to an end in the part 1. Expected that character of Prahbas will also come to an end and he will born to Anushka in part two.

In the part two, Rana’s son will continue the legacy of his father and fight with Anushka’s son. It is already revealed that Tamannaah will play the female lead opposite Prabhas in the second part.

As of now, Rajamouli given summer holidays to the unit and everyone on the team are enjoying their vacation.