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Balakrishna’s Lion Movie Dialogues?

Balakrishna-98th-MovieBalakrishna is known for his lengthy dialogues with power packed punches. Nandamuri fans would be eagerly waiting his favorite hero utter the dialogues. His next movie ‘Lion’ which is his 98th movie has also got enough punch dialogues. Some of his dialogues from his Lion movie are uttered by Balayya during the inauguration of Handrineeva Project.

” Nannu Padukobettadaniki Eppudo Padukunna Mee Thata Muthathalu Digi Vachina Nannu Em Pikaleru Ra”

” Naku Puttukathone Devudu Prathi Part Lo Oka Power Dachadu… Porapatuna Okka Part Nu Touch Chesina…!!!”

Shooting of the movie has come to an end and makers are planning to release by March End or April.