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Balayya Appreciates Nani’s KVPG

Balakrishna, who speaks his heart out without having any inhibitions appreciate the Nani’s ‘Krishna gadi veera prema gadha’. 14 reels producers arranged a special show for Yuva Ratna, after the show Balayya spoken highly about the film and its crew.

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He appreciated the efforts of the cameraman and the background score of the film, Balayya appreciated Nani’s performance in the film. nani performed as an ardent fan of Balakrishna in the film and the film is mainly shot in Balayya’s Hindupur constituency.

KVPG has garnered good talk world-wide and collections too are on higher side. Film has already collected more than half million dollars in USA, which is a back to back success for Nani. KVPG is produced by the prestigious 14 reels banner.