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Balayya’s Dictator Censor Report

After SCN and ER, Dictator too went through the censor formalities today. Film is awarded an U/A, with very positive response from the censor member, the entire team of Dictator kicked about the final product. Film is all set for a Pongal release, on 14th January.


Balayya in the direction of ever reliable Sriwas, seems to be in his elements, enjoyed working in the film which is quite visible in the interviews he has given over the last few weeks. And Balayya’s Sankranthi sentiment also giving right omens to the film.

Anjali and Sonali chauhan paired up with Balayya in this film, Taman scored music for the film. After, Simha and Legend, audience are expecting action-entertainer from the Nandamuri scion.