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Best Actors Telugu Movie Review

Best-Actors-3Title: Best Actors

Cast: Nandu, Shamili, Madhurima

Director: Arun Pawar

Producer: Kumar Annam Reddy

Music: JB (Jeevan)

Release Date: 28-Aug-2015

Rating: 2.5/5

Most of the small budget films in Tollywood are targeted towards youth. Best Actors will fall under the same genre which has Nandu, Madhurima and Shamili in the lead roles. Arun Pawar is making his debut as a director. Whether the film will make an impression.. let’s see


Nandu, an overconfident fashion designer plans a 7 day trip to Goa along with Madhunandan and two other buddies who are vexed with their routine life in Hyderabad. Their search for entertainment leads them to Goa and soon Nandu and Madhu meets Madhurima and Kesha Khambhati, with in no time both gets intimate to them. Another friend Krishna gets his soul mate Meenakshi Iyer in Goa. Before leaving to Hyderabad both Nandu and Madhu wanted to meet Madhurima & Kesha but they will get the shock of their life when Madhurima calls Nandu and tells one of them were infected with HIV. Not able to digest the news and unsure of who actually was infected both Nandu and Madhu starts searching for the missing girls Madurima and Kesha. What’s the intention of the lead girls and who is behind them forms the rest of the story.


Though the plot of the film has a little suspense element and the trailers show serious elements, most of the film is targeted at comedy and youthful scenes. First half of the movie starts on a very routine note and the major concentration is on punch dialogues and an attempt to catch hold of the youth with some romantic scenes. Screenplay in the first half is a disadvantage. Second half of the film will have more fun and better screenplay which unfolds the suspense. Comedy of Sapthagiri worked well in some scenes while some were just forceful injection. Thagubothu Ramesh comedy has pushed the climax towards a positive feeling. Glamour show from Madhurima and Kesha is one of the advantages of the film. Overall a decent attempt by the director which should have been dealt better.

Cast Performance:

Nandu’s peformance is good in emotional scenes but he needs to improve on the comedy timing.

Madhurima is perfect in her role and she is glamorous as well.

Shamili’s role is a short one but she did her best in the limited scope.

Technical Department:

Music by JB (Jeevan) is very Average and none of the songs are liked instantly.

Cinematography is very good and the beaches of Goa, Resorts are picturised well.

As a debut director, Arun Pawar has done a decent job but could have got a better result with good screenplay and tight script.


Best Actors is an average youthful film and can be watched once.