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Big Producers Eyeing Small Budget Films


Tollywood Producers

Tollywood industry is the second largest in terms of number of films making in a year and also in regional viewership, ofcourse after Bollywood, Kollywood as more viewership overseas. And Tollywood has some quality production houses like Suresh productions, Creative commercials, Geetha arts etc who has more than 20 years of history, and Dil raju’s venkateswara art creations become one of the sought after banners in current telugu cinema.

But by looking at the current trend no production house is making Bid budget movies, Dil raju who made big and medium budget films so far like Brindavanam, Yevadu, SVSC, Ramayya Vasthayya etc., suddenly shifted his focus to small films and he is currently making Kerintha with all new comers.

Allu Aravind who is famous for his big budget films under his home production Geetha arts, is planning to make small films in Telugu and tamil circuits. His small budget tamil film Darling, is hitting tamil screens this 15th and he is planning to make three small films this year in collaboration of other production houses in Tollywood.

Creative Commercials which is famous for big commercial movies shifted its gears to small budget films and made three small films straight, after big budget flick Dammu, they made small films Love you bangaram, Ulavacharu Birayni and now they are coming up with Malli Malli Idi raani roju.

Suresh Productions is one production which adopted to small flikcs way before realizing the strength. They may be coming up with Gopala Gopala which seems to be a big budget flick, but barring remunerations film is made in very limited budgets. Suresh Productions is more or less famous for their small budget flicks, their next release is Avunu 2.

The trio Bandla Ganesh, BVSN Prasad and Bellam Konda are producers who making big budget films currently, Bandla Ganesh’s temper is believed to be in turmoil because of exceeding budgets recently, if the news is true he too cannot make films any further, as his recent films haven’t resulted getting him profits. RR Movie makers is one of best examples of over spending on Big films, now they are nowhere. 14 Reels too is not a success story either, they too are struggling with back to back flops.

If the trend continues like this, Tollywood may leave a void of producers to make big budget flicks, this may be a good opportunity for new comers into the industry who can take the baton forward and also viewers too may get to see new genres as in other language films.