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BJP President Amit Shah Meets Pawan Kalyan

amit shahNewly elected BJP national president Amit Shah is in the city for a two day visit to formulate strategies and strengthen the party in Telangana. Amit Shah is expected to formulate a road map in bringing BJP to power in the new state by 2019 polls.

During this stay, he is expected to guide the local team for the GHMC polls. He has met the party leaders today. He has met Jana Sena founder Pawan Kalyan yesterday, who helped BJP in the recently concluded elections.

Both of them discussed several key issues but declined to reveal details. The meeting was considered one to one and even senior leaders from AP and Telangana waited in an adjacent room. Still we are not sure whether the intention of meeting Pawan Kalyan is just for a courtesy call or to discuss for the upcoming GHMC elections where Pawan is also planning to contest his Jana Sena.