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My Brother is Buddha: Prahlad Modi

narendra modi and buddha - PTI_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0BJP’s Prime minister candidate Narendra Modi, by hiding the details of his marriage till the last nomination is facing criticism from many people and parties. In this regard he got solace from his brother Prahlad modi.

Prahlad Modi came to meet his friend in gaziabad, there he interacted with the media said ” Even Lord Buddha left his wife and Kid, same is done by my brother Narendra Modi, he sacrificed everything for the sake of people, Since 12 years he is at service of Gujarat people” , He also condemned oppositions comments on Narendra Modi becoming more than BJP Party “Modi could able come this far only because of mother like BJP Party” and said “It is Modi’s wave all the way in India, no one can stop him”