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Celebrities Who Fall Prey For Leaked Videos and Images

Fake video clips on popular heroines not any new in Tollywood, there are known and unknown videos making rounds on social media denting the image of heroines and has become the most annoying part in a heroines career.

The advent of social media also not making life easy for the celebrities involved in the leaked videos or images, as the clips/pics becoming viral in no time to spread all over the internet world. People too are showing interest in sharing the leaked videos.

Lets see the list of Celebrities who fall prey for leaked Videos and Images.

Hansika Motwani’s Bathroom Video


Hansika motwani considered to be the most happening heroine in south Indian filmdom, to the shock of many a video clip become viral online claiming it is Hansika’s nude shower video, but whoever watched the video said, it is not hansika in the video and mentioned that the lady who went topless in the video is just a look alike of the hansika. It is later revealed that some publicity mongers to make the video viral, misused the image of Hansika.