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Lady Lashes At Aamir Khan’s Hypocrisy

Aamir-khan-host-satyamev-jayate-criticized-by-ladyAamir khan, Mr perfectionist of Bollywood is coming up with his third season of “Satyamev Jayate”. With the success of his talk-show he has got this popularity as torch bearer of the socially backward and under previleged people.

His talk-show majorly deals with people should be obeying social rules and responsibilities. Aamir could able to win high regards because of the efforts he is making for the “change” he want to bring in for the better society.

But, his recent behavior, at chennai airport shows the actor’s hypocrisy, His co-passenger and chennai resident, Shyamala Ashok shared the incident on her fb account, which is going viral online.

She stated that, “”I was in the queue to scan my baggage at Chennai Airport, Aamir Khan of Satyamev Jayate just breaks the line followed by his escorts and a few others…. If these guys do not have a simple concern that many others have been waiting in line and that they should also obey rules, why the hell are they associated with programs such as Satamev Jayate etc. – It’s all fake and humbug.”

There is no reply from the star, but popular dubbing artist chinamaya who is also in the same line responded to the outrage by saying, “Having a star in a queue is more of an inconvenience to others. It’s best in the interest of decorum in an airport that people like him be escorted. Also in his defence, he didn’t jump at the opportunity but told the crew that it would be tough since his bodyguards need to go as well and he’d be happy to stay in queue.”