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Chinnadana Nee Kosam Movie Live Theatre Updates – Tweet Review

Chinnadana_Nee_kosam_Wallpaper_02Title: Chinnadana Nee Kosam (2014)
Cast: Nithin, Mishti
Director: A. Karunakaran
Producer: N. Sudhakar Reddy, Nikita Reddy
Music: Anoop Rubens
Writer: A. Karunakaran, Mukund Pandey
Dialogues: Harsha Vardhan
Cinematographer: I. Andrew
Editor: Prawin Pudi
Production House: Sresht Movies
Released On: 25-Dec-2014
Run Time: 2 Hours 20 Minutes

08:50 AM: Movie started with a special thanks to Power Star Pawan kalyan. Huge response from the audience. Looks like its a first solo still from Gopala Gopala.

08:55 AM: Movie started with goons chasing a girl. Nithin introduction with a fight helping the girl. Good introduction. Nithin makes others realize the importance of helping people.

08:57 AM: Time for the first song. Everybody Chalo All I Wanna Say… Nice moves by Nithin and good costumes.

08:55 AM: Funny family scenes running. Navika is Nithin’s sister and Naresh is his father.

09:00 AM: Mishti introduction in Karunakaran’s trademark white chudidhar. A beautiful entry. Nithin fell in love at first sight.

09:10 AM: Nithin follows her. Nice scenes running with Nithin’s family and Mishti.

09:15 AM: Movie so far good with nice comedy.

09:20 AM: Comedy scenes running between Tagubothu Ramesh (Mishti’s watchman) and Nithin.

09:25 AM: Tagubothu Ramesh got caught in drunk and drive case. Good comedy scene.

09:27 AM: Nithin trying to flat Mishti. She is cute.

09:30 AM: Mishti approaches Nazar to take his terrace on rent for conducting dance, Karate and yoga classes. But, he denies. Nithin helping Mishti. How Nithin helps and why Nazar agrees to Nithin? Watch on big screen.

09:35 AM: Mishti pinches Nithin’s cheeks. Nice romantic shot. Time for the second song. Chinnadana nee kosam… Super song with good locations and simple steps.

09:45 AM: Nithin comes to know that Mishti is not a professional dance and Karate teacher and just she is in training. Nithin blackmails her. Mishti reaches Nithin’s home to stay for two days. Funny scenes

09:48 AM: Movie running on a funny note and comedy episodes working out very well. Nithin is doing a great job.

09:51 AM: Mishti has decent acting skills.

09:55 AM: Time for the third song, Ooh La La… Situational comedy song.

10:00 AM: Interval with a twist. Good, engaging and enjoyable movie till now. Nice first half.

10:10 AM: Second half started. Mishti moves to Barcelona and movie shifted to there.

10:20 AM: Mishti getting ready for marriage. Another twist is Nazar is Mishti’s grandfather. Mishti comes to India to meet her grandfather. Nithin comes to know about it and he reaches Barcelona.

10:23 AM: New characters entering the plot.

10:25 AM: Seeing Nithin in Barcelona is a shock to Mishti. Time for the 4th song, Dil Dil Dil…

10:35 AM: Nithin kidnaps Nazar and wants whole-hearted sorry from Mishti.

10:40 AM: In this process, Nithin takes Mishti for an outing and asks Mishti to come alone. Mishti asks Rahul( Ali) to follow them.

10:41 AM: Ali entrance in a posh avatar.

10:45 AM: Comedy scenes running between Nithin and Ali.

10:50 AM: Okay second half till now.

10:55 AM: Pawan Kalyan’s Badri movie introduction. Pawan helps hero n heroine who are tied up. Crowd in the theater going crazy.

11:00 AM: Time for the 5th song in cowboy back drop, Ali beli… Crazy dance moves by Nithin.

11:05 AM: Mishti still tries to avoid Nithin.

11:08 AM: After a sequence of scenes, Mishti invites Nithin to stay at their home till her marriage.

11:12 AM: Mishti marriage events started and she started realizing her love. Time for the 6th song, Mundhugane…

11:17 AM: All characters moved to Mishti’s marriage event. Climax scene running.

11:22 AM: Happy ending.

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