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Current Theega Movie Live Updates – Tweet Review

manchu-manoj-sung-devadas-song-for -current-theega
Title: Current Theega (2014)
Cast: Manchu Manoj, Rakul Preet, Sunny Leone, Jagapathi Babu
Direction: G Nageswara Reddy
Producer: Manchu Vishnu
Writer: G Nageswara Reddy & Kishore Tirumala
Music: Achu
Cinematography: Satish Mutyala
Editor: S R Shekhar
Production House: 24 Frames Factory
Release Date: 31-Oct-2014
10:10 AM: Movie started with voice over by Manoj… Titles in an intresting way.

10:15 AM: Jagapathi Babu entrance with a serious node.

10:18 AM: Manoj and Rakul entrance. Manchu Manoj makes simple and stylish. Rakul as sensuous village student. Rakul is Jagapathi Babu’s daughter.

10:22 AM: Most awaited Sunny Leone entrance. Her entrance is hot and wonderful. Comic scenes between Sunny and Manoj sending love letter to Sunny with Rakul. Rakul is the student and Sunny is the teacher.

10:30 AM: Time for the first song, Le Le Na Raaja… Moves by Sunny and Manoj are good. Sunny dominated with her oozing factor.

10:37 AM: Vennala Kishore made an hilarious entry. Manoj and Vennala Kishore’s comic timing is enjoyable. Their English is hilarious.

10:42 AM: An high voltage action scene. Extremely well done by Manoj.

10:45 AM: Hilarious entry by 30 years in industry Prithvi. Prithvi’s pelli chupulu with Rakul. Rakul’s father Jagapathi Babu decides to marry Rakul with Prithvi. Manoj stops the marriage. How? Watch on big screen.

10:53 AM: Jagapathi in search of the person who stopped the marriage. Rakul, who knows the truth makes impression on Manoj.

10:55 AM: Time for the second song, Padahaaru Yellaina… Song is good.

11:00 AM: Till now movie is going smooth with lighter moments.

11:01 AM: Sampoornesh Babu’s surprise entry as Sunny’s fiance. Theatre blown with whistles and laughs. May be its end of Sunny’s role.

11:05 AM: Manoj starts falling for Rakul. Time for the 3rd song, Gundellona… Song is meladious and picturisation is good. Rakul is looks gorgeous.

11:15 AM: Jagapathi Babu comes to know who stopped the marriage. Also, he sees Manoj proposing to Rakul.

11:15 AM: Interval. So far movie running on lighter sequences and engaging comedy. Rakul is showcased superbly.

11:25 AM: Manoj hilarious speech on Love.

11:30 AM: Jagapathi Babu plans to attach Manoj. Well packed action episode in night effect.

11:35 AM: Manoj, Tagubothu Ramesh and Dhanraj comedy. Though hilarious, not upto the mark of this combination. Manoj stoles Jagapathi’s gun.

11:40 AM: Time for the song, O erra erra cheera.. Song rocked with mass elements.

11:45 AM: 30 years Prithvi’s re-entry as aged bachelor, a comedy episode.

11:50 AM: Song again, Kallo unde prema… Jumble song.

12:05 PM: A sequence of scenes on Manoj; making impression with Rakul’s mother. Jagapathi decides again to marry Rakul to Prithvi.

12:08 AM: Breakup song in-lines of heart break song in Surya S/O Krishnan. Manoj’s emotional expressions very well.

12:15 AM: Rakul eloped with Manoj but Manoj wants to go back. Why? Watch on big screen. Followed by an intense electrifying action episode.

12:19 AM: Manoj’s direct confrontation with Jagapathi Babu.

12:21 AM: A new twist.

12:25 AM: Happy ending.

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