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Diah Nicolas Exclusive Interview

Coming to Yamaleela 2, what excited you to sign on this Telugu sequel?Diah-Nicolas-Latest-Photos-In-Yamaleela2-4.jpgI have signed the movie for two important reasons. One is because of the senior team and I thought it’s an opportunity to learn from them. Secondly the character which I played is very interesting.

What is your character in the film; tell us a brief about the film?

My character in Yamaleela 2 is a traditional girl character and I am playing the role of Anandi, a PHD student who is a Malayali girl but moved to Hyderabad on her project work. During this course, I happen to meet the hero and from there the journey starts. Yamaleela 2 is not a sequel to Yamaleela but it’s a different story.

How difficult it is to work in a film, without knowing the language? Any plans to learn Telugu?

On the first day of my shoot my dialogues didn’t come well. Language was a huge barrier when I started shooting for the film and I don’t like someone prompting from behind with the dialogues. So I used to do a lot of homework before coming to the sets. I have been learning Telugu and familiarizing with the industry now. But I say my understanding of Telugu is much better than when I first began my journey here.

Give a brief about your first day in front of motion camera, how difficult it is or how comfortable you are?

I find great difficulty to face camera and I still have that fear. Initially I was very tense in front of camera but I could slightly overcome because of the support which I have got from the entire team. Personally I should thank my director and hero for helping me in overcoming this fear. beauty-diah-nicolas

How do you feel working with seniors in industry like SV Krishna Reddy garu, Mohan babu garu and Brahmanandam garu? What are the learnings from them?

It’s a privilege to work with seniors like SV Krishna Reddy garu and Mohan Babu garu. SV Krishna Reddy garu is the backbone of Yamaleela 2 and I just simply followed whatever he said. He is extremely supportive and motivative. It’s very comfortable working with him. Though I have got only a couple of scenes with Mohan Babu garu and Brahmanandam garu, I learned a lot from them. Both of them are very down to earth and they don’t have any ego at all being the senior most actors.