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Dialogue Writer Ganesh Patro Died

Ganesh_Patro_died_of_illhealthGanesh Patro the famous playwright, screenplay writer and Dialogue writer for telugu cinema, died today in a private hospital in chennai, He is suffering from illhealth from quite a sometime now. He was born in 1945 June 22nd in Parvathipuram, Andhrapradesh. He started his career in 1965.

He penned dialogues for many films between 1970s and 1990s, He penned dialogues for the classics like Rudraveena, Maro Charitra, Idi Kathakaadhu, Mayuri, Seetha ramayyagari manavaralu etc.,

After writing dialogues for Nirnayam in 1991, he recently worked as a dialogue writer for Seethamma vakitlo Sirimallechettu, which is his last film. He currently based in chennai.