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Dictator Live Theater Updates – Tweet Review


Title: Dictator
Cast: Bala Krishna, Anjali, Sonal Chauhan
Director: Sriwas
Banner: Eros and Vedhaaswa Creations

Balayya’s prestigious 99th film making to theaters today, directed by Sriwas film has garnered huge expectations. Let’s how the film fares this festive season.

6: 30 AM: Title rolling, amidst the fan frenzy atmosphere, Jai Balayya is the only slogan which we can hear.

6: 35 AMRajeev Kanala entered, film started with a murder.

6: 35 AM Film now entered Hyderabad.

6: 40 AM Balayya makes his grand entry, in Gam Gam Ganesha, Neatly presented song in a grand set. Auditorium going crazy, nice moves by balayya.

6: 45 AMString of comedy scenes, Nasser, Hema, Raghu babu, 30 years Prudhvi all entered. Balayya playing a married man. entertaining so far.

6: 50 AM Balayya to confront villains now

6: 55 AM Dialogue on cinemas, superb dialogue, Balayya in good form right from start

7:00 AMWhats up baby song, without proper lead scene. Balayya uber cool in the attires and Sonal chauhan looks glamorous in the song.

7: 05 AMBalayya saving Sonal chauhan is one the highlights so far, high on action.

7: 15 AMFew Balayya mark punches and Kona mark entertaining dialogues making its way. First half majorly taken in a colony.

“Nenu baristhene ila undi ante tegisthe inka ela untundo chusuko.”
“Nee History lo blood undhemo, Na Blood ke history undi”

7: 20 AM Colony elections, time for the third song, item song with Mumaith and Shraddha das, Tingo Tingo

7: 25 AM Film now slowly entering into main theme, Posani and Suman entered movie.

7: 30 AM Superb Interval bang, only balayya can pull off this kind of stuff, started slowly but last 25 minutes is a crowd pleaser. stay tuned for second half

“Nuvve antha ante nee vente untadu..nuvventha ante neyantha avutadu..athade Dictator”

7: 45 AM Second half started with introduction of Balayya in flash back, he is stylish avatar. Started off with a punch line in Hindi.

7: 55 AM Powerful dialogues and Balayya’s mere screen presence giving the audience enough high, some dialogues worked out well. Anjali, Shayaji Shinde makes their entry finally.

8: 10 AM Rathi Agnihotri makes her entry.
Time for a song, Chura chura came out well.

8: 15 AM Dictator gives a threat to villain scene, Superbly done. Highlight scene.

8: 20 AM Posani Scenes are hilarious, entertaining

8: 25 Balayya and Villains direct confrontation scenes. Anjali delivering a standout performance.
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Flash back ended on an high note, Dictator has every commercial element, which entertains festive audience. Sriwas has nicely included the high voltage scenes and Balayya’s screen presence and Dialogues will surely entertains. Lets see how masses laps up the movie. Seems like a Winner on hand for Balayya.