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Dictator Movie Review

Title: Dictator (2016)
Cast: Balakrishna, Anjali, Sonal Chauhan
Director: Sriwass
Producer: Kishore Lulla, Sunil Lulla, Arjan Lulla, Sriwass
Music: Thamman, Chinna
Cinematography: Sam K Naidu
Writer: Sreedhar Seepana, M. Ratnam
Story & Screenplay: Kona Venkat, Gopimohan
Editor: Gautham Raju
Production House: Vedhaaswa Creations
Distribution: Eros International
Release Date: 14-Jan-2016
Ratting: 2.5/5

Nandamuri Balakrisha teamed up with director Sri Wass for his Dictator. The movie created buzz for Sankranthi release. Earlier good number of Balakrisha’s Sankranthi release movies are hit. Let’s see how Dictator is…

Chandu (Balakrishna) leads a simple life working in a super market and stays with his uncle and family. One fine day he comes across Indu (Sonal Chauhan), an aspiring actress, and helps her to escape from goons. In parallel, Chandu takes the blame of a theft in the super market and gets arrested. This leads to flash back of the movie which reveals that Chandu is actually a very rich businessman named Chandrasekhar Dharma, chairman of Dhrama Group of companies.

Why he is leading a simple life? How Indu is connected to Chandu’s story? Who is Anjali? These make the movie.

To start with, Dictator is an old story presented in old bottle. From long back, since Samarasinha Reddy, we are seeing movies starting Balakrisha as simple person and interval reveals his powerful angle and at the climax he will eliminate all his villains. Dictator is also same story with no novel screen play.

First half of the movie is okay with comedy and songs. Second half feels boring, dragged and complete predictable. This is completely writer’s mistake.

Only breathing space is Balakrishna and Anjali.

Cast Performance:
Balakrisha: He portrayed many roles similar to Dictator and this is a cake walk for him. He looked stylish in flash back episode.

Anjali: She is good and her chemistry with Balakrisha is the breathing space in the movie.

Sonal: There is nothing much to speak about her limited role.

Other cast: There is a huge cast, especially large number of viallans, in the movie. Rathi, Prudhvi, Nasser, Suman made noticeable appearance.

Technical Department:
To start with positive content, cinematography by Sam K Naidu’s is good. Thaman & Chinna did what ever he can, but went unnoticed in front of 90’s story.

There is nothing a director can do with a beaten to death story and pale screen play provided by writers. Dialogues are very typical and routine.

Watch for Balakrisha, else, Spend time with your family.