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Embarrassing Moment For Srinu Vaitla

Srinu-VaitlaAagadu movie team Srinu Vaitla and producers faced an embarrassing situation during the part of their movie promotions. Today the team attended a live program on a popular Telugu news channel and a few of the callers asked embarrassing questions to the team.

One such caller said that he is a huge fan of Mahesh Babu but he is disappointed with Aagadu as he felt that he was not watching Aagadu but watching Dookudu in DVD. Not stopping that he said he is the only fan of Mahesh Babu in his room and all other room mates are Pawan Kalyan fan’s. Because of the movie he couldn’t raise his head in front of his room mates. Another caller said 1st half is superb but 2nd half is very dull.

Such feedback has come as a shock to the team but Srinu Vaitla responded to the anchor that these kind of questions will be asked by anti fans only and I don’t bother about them. We all know Srinu Vaitla is a fantastic director but in film industry every big director faces such situations.