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Exclusive: Candid Interview With Praveen Sattaaru, Chandamama Kathalu Director

“I believe in the fact that a film maker… Has to make a film that he likes…
At the end of the day it doesn’t matter, the film is hit or a flop, I should make a film that I am proud of. Even 10 years from now…
If that film caters to same kind of audience that you are and if a majority of the audience meet your sensibilities, it will become a hit, if not it will become a flop, as simple as that.
You cannot make a film that is not, that is out of your genre, out of your sensibilities. It’s alien to you, though it’s a success formula, or so called “SUCCESS Formula”. I believe in that.”
says Praveen Sattaru, Director & Producer – L.B.W (Feb’ 2011), Routine Love Story (Nov’ 2012) , Chandamama Kathalu ( April 2014).Current day Tollywood films, film makers, audience his experiences and a lot more. A Candid Interview

Praveen Sattaru (1)
“Entha Goppa Kalpanika ayinaa puttedi vaastavam nunche” says Praveen through a character’s narrative while “Chandamama Kathalu” unveils on screen. And that’s exactly where his stories and movies come from. REAL LIFE.
One among the many scripts that he had written while traveling during his work trips at USA, his first movie L.B.W was born.
He has no background, or to that matter any exposure to film making when he had begun LBW. This SAP Consultant for IBM leaves behind a happening career at USA to enter Tollywood and to make what he calls “Sensible Cinema”.

When asked on why making movies
“It is a silly reason by the way, I had friends from across the world tamil, kannada, they all got cinema they could talk about.. A new cinema every week. Apart from commercial cinema and they were proud of it. I never had one and I always had to go back to K.Viswanath’s films, or Like AITHEY that happened once in a while.
You can actually count. I always felt why the hell we are not making good films? How far is Tamilnadu and Kerala from A.P, how can there be such a vast difference between people’s thinking. There is some problem with the Industry itself. These are not the movies that people want, but this what THEY “think” that people want.”
“So that’s where my journey of self-discovery started.”