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Exclusive: Candid Interview With Praveen Sattaaru, Chandamama Kathalu Director

Favorite Director, Influences?
“I picked up the subtlety from K.Viswanath garu..
I mean he is my favorite director…Reason why he is because of the subtleness in his films and yeah he underplays the characters which I always like… “
“Again, I don’t know how many would like it but I like it.”
How are you on Sets, Your working style ?
Smiles….People don’t like me. People hate me on sets..
Everybody hates me on sets
Are you demanding?
“I am very, very demanding… because again nobody owns a product..People are after something, people are after money to put it bluntly. So whoever worked for anything they only work for money.. I have understood it while making LBW…At the end of the day if I ask my art director to bring me something, he would stall it until the last minute and makes me to compromise..Because it’s not available..“
“So, none would put their 100% efforts into making this film a better film so I understood that only freaking directors job… because at the end of the day, if the film is bad director will be blamed , if film is good credit goes to everybody. But again director is in the subset there, so people would say it is director job to make things happen but it is very hard to motivate people.”
Rather I resigned to the fact and I do the job by myself rather asking others to do it ..
“So I meticulously plan everything right from a hair pin to a huge set. Despite meticulously planning, things go haywire on sets..So I had to make sure that every shot, every scene and every day is a productive day..”
“You have to keep number of hours, keep the budgets in check so at the end ofevery day it has to be satisfying enough.”