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Exclusive: Candid Interview With Praveen Sattaaru, Chandamama Kathalu Director

A little about casting… How did the entire team Chandamama Kathalu come together?
“Casting is very, very, very important.”
“Imagine other than Lakshmi in Lisa’s character… no one suits that character…None. Nobody.
Even Charmi or Shriya wouldn’t have done justice to the character.. If Lakshmi said no there is no way I can make that story into Chandamama Kathalu..
So like I said 50 odd actors acted in CHANDAMAMA KATHALU,..and I think everybody suited the character they portrayed perfectly
Kishore for the writers role…he fit into it like, like a glove in the hand..
You know we thought about 20 different options until another famous cinematographer suggested Kishore and then I watched couple of his movies. He was absolutely right. He is the one for that role..”
“The reason my film got postponed for 4 – 5 months is because of that particular story..We started shooting in august for the rest of the stories and we didn’t shoot this until December..”

“Amazing thing that happened to this film is, I don’t know how are what happened all the actors came together like a familythey promoted the film, to make the film reach the kind of the audience it should reach to and to make it a better film.”

“ Lakshmi saying yes to that character is an incredible thing to happen to the movie. And Nareshgaru’s look, I was shocked to know that nobody has never tried something like that. “

“Abhijeeth’s character to Shourya’s character to everybody all the actors have contributed immensely.
My editor Dharmendra is awesome. He is with me since the beginning and one of those hatke editors, my cinematographer and my promos trailers guy Bhaskar and technical head of Annapurna Studios C.V.Rao…”
“There has to be lot of support in all aspects coming together while making a cinema like this…And all this and everything of this can be seen on screen.”