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Exclusive: Candid Interview With Praveen Sattaaru, Chandamama Kathalu Director

On your films’ Music, Mickey J Meyer...

I worked with Mickey earlier on R.L.S. He is an amazing human being and a good friend. He believes in me and my kind of cinema. Frankly, he didn’t have to do Chandamama Kathalu after having worked on big films like ‘SeethammaVaakitloSirimalleChettu’.
It’s just he shares my vision and wanted to give his best to make this travel happen. I owe him a lot for all the confidence and support he extends. While some think that he is repetitive, the music for ‘Chandamama Kathalu‘goes beautifully in line with the visuals and screenplay.

Any character in the film or in the films so far reflects you as a person?
Smirks…” They don’t.I try my level best not to incorporate my Character into any of the characters”
“I try, so for me to not subconsciously incorporate myself into the film, I pick characters from real time, people I see, so every character that you saw on screen were picked up from people that I saw..”

“That’s how I can convince myself that this can actually happen. Even though I write a fictional story am influenced by real life characters.”
I now understand where your’e coming from. Through the writer role you start the film saying “Even The Most Beautiful Fantasies are Born of the real life experiences”

“Yes. We gave away film in that line.”
“I don’t know how many understood that. That’s why when you watch the films second time you open up and there are very fine nuances that get revealed…That begger was trying to purchase the house is the house where Krishna Chaithanya’slives for rent, and Chaithanyakrishna’s mother appears as the sweeper of the house at the end of the film…So, there are fine interlinks which people would not catch in the first watch.. and I don’t know how many actually pay attention to those things”
At the end of the film finds that beggars bag of money… Some kind of creative absurdity?

“Life is all about hope..the reason why you and me or others live is because of one single word called hope..Hope drives everything, The hope that I wanna do something , take the word out of the equation there is no reason for us to live. Absolutely no reason. It’s so powerful”
“But again I am personally an atheist I don’t believe in God but I respect and believe that there is a superior power called nature which forces everything “
“So that’s the reason why I did not give the Power to the writer’s character.Even though he was powerful enough to carve 7 stories at the end of the day he is shocked and spell bound that there is something superior than me in writing my story and that even I am also a part of the story..I am just doing my thing.. Playing my job”
“And that makes him Human and that makes him grounded.And that Is how I wanted to include human aspect into him as well.”