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Exclusive: Candid Interview With Praveen Sattaaru, Chandamama Kathalu Director

I think probably you should build your own ecosystem of actors and scripts, like the way you’ve done with ChandamamaKathalu. Wouldn’t working with the so called STARS, bring in the kind of baggage that would effect your scripts and movies…wouldn’t that side track you from this mission of making sensible cinema?
“No. True but see again, how many bullets can we take..Literally after the release of CHANDAMAMA KATHALU I am like, to hell with this, I am gonna go back.”
“Because I know I can, I would never want to make an instant Telugu cinema. I had got an offer from a hit producer… he got the script ready and he want me to make the film, somebody narrated the script I said it fantastic film, it will work but then I don’t think I CAN MAKE IT”
What next ?
“I don’t know right now I am lost..May be a cult comedy..“
“I want to break this barrier. II want to know what actually works as I break my head on why certain films are commercially not working and why certain films are commercially working like crazy.
Am talking about non-star cast films. Star films no matter what they will work..so in search and in pursuit of that one answer I will keep making movies.. Without breaking my bank.. (With a smile) so I have to survive to make enough movies to be there a while to see the revolution finally happens..
“Right from my first film I am trying to blend the commercial and sensible cinema put a bridge across the river. It’s completely based on the screenplay and situations to this particular film are so commercial yet sensible, say Wake up Sid, 3 idiots. Swades or Lagaan..You see that kind of genre.. “
Next movie would be cult comedy ?
See if I am making it, it would be cult comedy..but there is a fantastic script that I wrote before Chandamama Kathalu that I am crazily in love with, I am pushing that as I need certain actors and if that happens that will be fantastic
We’ve heard that you might do a film with Sudheer with badminton as the background?
Surprised…”How did you know that ? It’s at a very initial stage. I and Sudheer are working together with Pullela Gopichand on making his life story a feature film. We want to make it in Telugu, Hindi and English. I haven’t scripted. It’s still in the initial stages. I got to spend probably 5 – 6 months with Gopichand and his close associates to gather info and then write a script.. “