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Exclusive: Candid Interview With Praveen Sattaaru, Chandamama Kathalu Director

Yes. I did read a few reviews on ChandamamaKathalu and also some counter reviews appreciating the film. As you said..Reviewers are expected to deliver a good job and obligated to that responsibility.
“ Exactly, They don’t and that’s the sad part..”
“Again a review comes from a personal back ground of the particular person who is writing reviews. That is one thing people don’t understand in India.. take for example, USA, there are fleet of reviewers but they only follow a single reviewer, if some watched a movie and likes it, he reads more than one reviews on different sources, and chooses the one which comes closer to his opinions, he then starts to follow that reviewer alone. “
Your experience with the Censor board?
“Again it is similar to censor board, U, U/A and A..“
“How do you classify, when you go and give a movie to censor board and they are watching, I don’t know till date after 3 films what word the Censor considers an A and what is not considered a U/A,
I had a very bitter experience, for all 3 films. I ask them to give me a list of things where you think it’s considered A or U/A, so that I will incorporate them while writing the script itself.”
“The board doesn’t have a universal code, changes from movie to movie adhoc, depending on their mood…”
“That’s the state of affairs.”
Going back to your films, LBW 2010 (PS: Corrected, feb 2011), RLS 2012, and CHANDAMAMA KATHALU 2014 what has changed, over these three films, interms of your film making experience, interms of audience receptiveness and anything..
“As a film maker I have changed a lot, I have matured a lot, and even I personal believeChandamamaKathalu is far more matured film than LBW,in terms of technicality, screenplay writing, interms of scenes and in terms of engaging. It’s much more cinematic experience than LBW. “
“What I have learnt is…” (sighs)
“I learnt ton of things.. LBW I had bitter experience in certain areas, RLS bitter experiences some other areas, it is like every movie is different..Every movie you come across different issues, but you vow to never repeat the same mistakes you did from previous movies which never happened. But new issues come up you know, you fix them and you move on..”
“I don’t think an thing has changed in terms of audience acceptance..it’s just that the film has to be released in the right time of the year, has to be publicized the right way, nobody knows what is the right way.. It’s just like shooting in the dark and you got to hit the target.”