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Exclusive: Candid Interview With Praveen Sattaaru, Chandamama Kathalu Director

Is it what you tried doing, in your 3 films ?
“Yeah.I am trying to.
“I too need to enjoy making films. LBW was a love story, was an emotional love story.. Routine Love Story is a satire on love stories (not many people understand the satire part of the movie ) more so..people who connected to LBW couldn’t because they thought it was an attempt to get into commercial main stream cinema but it was out and out satire, right from the title itself and ChandamamaKathalugoes deeper into emotions, deeper than LBW…”

“LBW catered to the love segment of it but Chandamama Kathalu is like life by itself..”
“In Chandamama Kathalu there are diff genres take Lisa’s character which is completely opposite to or away from the beggar’s character. It has all the human angles attached to it. So I like make different kinds of films”
You’ve said people, the 40+yrs gave up on Telugucinema. May be they find these movies very loud…, love, violence, revenge, and those 3 or 4 predominant emotions are being portrayed in todaysTelugumovies.. But when you said there is a human element in every emotion, movies like this will actually make you insensitive towards life and people around you..
“Exactly… things come back to present community we are in, you know that kind of living we are living.” “Film makers have become lazy… film makers have stopped thinking into a script for the past 20 years or so.”
“ That is the reason why more and more films are adapted from Korean to Brazilian because its easy. “
“It’s like ordering out, it is like calling paradise and order a biryani rather than cooking at home. So, once film makers have become lazy they’ve also made the audience lazy by continuously catering the same kind of cinema.”
“In the process they have lost loyalty, they have lost patriotism, they have lost ethics, they have lost sense of responsibility and they lost sense of individuality and the will to question sometimes and they don’t care..”

“It is SELFIES world today..Its all about selfies..You know, take a selfie upload it on fb… Every body wants to flaunt themselves..”
“Think about it…back then, we were more subtle, we more behind the curtains and we were more in a place where like why do I have to, I don’t have to be in the forefront… let me support from behind the scenes.. Today’s generation everybody wants to be seen, it’s all about me… it’s totally about me..“
We know more when compared to people 20 years back but we act less…which is a very sad situation..
Talking about the young generation, how do you comment on this journey of so many aspiring film makers..What is nice way to begin with, in terms of making a movie..
“I think cinema is a free medium. It’s a medium to express yourself. So, I would say film maker should be able to express himself. It doesn’t really matter. There are no rules or regulations, there is no, nothing called genre there is nothing called catering yourself to set of audience, through the book out of window…Just make whatever you wantto make, whatever you feel like.”