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Exclusive Interview With Bubbly Beauty Aksha Pardasany

aksha-pardasany-latest-hot-stills-9.jpgYou have looks and most importantly some good hits to your credit, you deserve more offers as per stats, which isn’t happened? In your view what may went wrong, Is that because you opt for quality rather than quantity?

Thank you for the compliments. I do give a lot of importance to script and my role. I know I can’t be choosy at this stage in my career, but I want to be proud of the work I do. Hence I stay away from anything that will make me regret.

In real life are you Sandhya of Kandireega or Vishalakshi of Yuvatha? Both characters are well received by Telugu audience

Haha, I am a bit of both. Naughty like Sandhya from kandireega, mature like Visalakshi from yuvatha.

Kollywood and Tollywood, which is more exciting?

Both industries are dear to me. Wherever I get good films I will work hard and give my best.

How is your stint with Mollywood shaping up?

I have been busy with Tollywood and Kollywood . When I get a good film in Mollywood I’ll gladly do it because that’s where I did my first film. aksha-pardasany-latest-hot-stills-8.jpg

Have you watched ‘India’s Daughter’Documentary, your take on female atrocities and society’s reaction to the same?

Everyone in India claims that it is a progressive nation. I beg to differ. We still have a lot of backward practices and wrong activities going on towards women. Make chauvinism is at its peak. On the flip side there are strong women making a mark and speaking for the weak. Social networking is high. People can share and spread awareness. It’s time to speak up.

Three things you love about Tollywood

I love Tollywood because of the love it has given me. I have had a wonderful experience working in films here. Also the kind of films that are made, entertainers, makes me love what I do. It’s great to watch a film for 3 hours and forget your problems. So entertainment quotient is high. That’s great about Tollywood

You seems fitter now than at the start of your career? Share us your fitness secrets

Haha thank you. Yes I have worked really hard on myself in the last one year. I follow a strict work out regime now. Whether I am working or not I have to go to the gym. My body is my temple. I have to look after it. Besides I got tired of everyone who called me fat. So I went from fat to fit.

Pawankalyan-Maheshbabu-perform-on-stage-Favourite actors in Tollywood

Pawan Kalyan , mahesh babu

Close Buddies in Film Industry?

No close buddies. My close buddies are from outside the industry.

Challenges faced till now in Film Industry?

There are various challenges. But the most challenging is to have patience!

What do you do when you are not working on films?

I like singing, and dancing even more and of course watching movies.

Kind of roles you are interested to do

I am an actor, I am hungry for all kind of roles.

Favourite Holiday Spots and Cuisines

Favourite holiday destination is Goa and favourite cuisine is Chinese.

Future plans and projects

Mental Police with Srikanth sir. And signed couple of projects with studio 9 in Tamil. More to come