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Exclusive Interview With Hot Model Angela krislinzki

Do you know Brahmanandam garu, how do you feel working with him in a song?

Brahmanandam sir has a very simple phone and he uses it only for incoming and outgoing. He said all the younger people would be busy tweeting and doing other thing in the phone which gives tension. If you keep away from these you can concentrate on the work and will be successful. This is a really very precious.It’s very pleasant and amazing working with Brahmanandam sir. He is a very positive person and at the end of the song shoot he gave me blessings for my future. I shot the song for 2 days.

What are your career plans and what kind of roles you prefer glamorous or performance oriented?

2014-06-25-01-34-30_decoI have given a couple of screen tests in Telugu and there is a very positive response. Will share you the details once they are finalized. I don’t want to restrict myself to only some particular roles. I am open to glamorous as well as performance oriented roles. I can relate myself more to little bit of glamour.