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Exclusive: Interview With “Ladies & Gentlemen” Director PB Manjunath

PB Manjunath is making his debut as a Director with this Friday’s Release “Ladies & Gentlemen”. He shared his journey to become a director, his inspirations, current tollywood trends and about how Ladies & Gentlemen happened to him.

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About his introduction to Madhura Sreedhar and how Ladies and Gentleman happened
When I am down and looking for opportunities, Madhura Sreedhar Reddy garu got in touch through a very dear friend writer Lakshmi bhupal, for the film Back Bench Student. I did not think twice as I needed a break and I was taken as the chief associate for the film.

For me, an associate director is someone who needs to take care of everything on the sets, screenplay, shoot, actors, production everything. I want my director to have the luxury of looking into the monitor and focus on direction. Sreedhar Reddy was impressed with my work and all the effort that I put in.

The film was appreciated by audience. After this film MadhuraSreedhar Reddy proposed to produce a film and offered me to direct. The team wanted me to come up with something different than this.

And that is when Ladies & Gentlemen was born. We first thought we would name the film as LOVE, X & CRIME, but, some how it made me feel awkward when having to mention that with my family. One day Madhura Sreedhar Reddy called up and said if I liked the title “Ladies & gentlemen”. Without a second thought we agreed upon it and registered it.

Family and My Childhood
I am from Hyderabad. My Father worked for Air force and I did my initial school in Baroda where we’ve lived for a few years. I did my Intermediate M.P.C (..smiles) from AV college. I failed in both the years, in chemistry. I dreaded chemistry so much that It was like something that was shown on Taare Zameen Par, the symbols and formulas seemed dancing… (laughsloudly). I somehow managed to pass and I choose to join Arts in my graduation even while my father wanted me to study engineering.

Right from my childhood, I liked Poetry. I used to read a lot of novels, Chalam’s literature alongside Yandamuri. I used to write, since my school days. Stories, poetry and maybe that’s how I had developed the liking for Telugu and that I think that influence my decision to pursue MA in Telugu literature at Osmania University.