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Exclusive: Interview With “Ladies & Gentlemen” Director PB Manjunath

Ladies-Gentlemen-Wishes-1About interest towards films, Entry, Struggle, Chances & Confidence – Initial Journey

When I wanted to enter films, my family was completely against. With my father already working, I had a decent chance to secure a job in Air Force. I some how had it in me very strongly to become a movie director one day. I think it was around 10th class, when I developed this habit of writing all those incidents that I saw, and my friends used to tell me that am upto something Big. ..he chuckles..

For five years I had struggled hard to get an entry into films. It was through a friend of mine I met Rasool who was then working on Chitram with Director Teja.

Though Rasool told me that he was a DOP and not a director and working with him will not get me any opportunities into Direction, I convinced him to take me as an apprentice.

I joined him as an assistant camera man and worked with him on films like Nuvvu Nenu, Family Circus, several ad films. Later Rasool got into direction for a film Okariki Okaru and at the same time a friend of mine was making Neeke Mansichchaanu with Srikanth and Charmee. I was part of the story discussions. The Director liked my inputs and took me on board as an associate director.

Later I did films like Sambhavami Yuge Yuge, Hyderabad Nawabs, a Hindi movie Login as an A.D. Wrote screenplay, dialogues for Ninna Nedu Repu. Over the same time I used to write scripts for friends who are now in the top league which were successful hits. Though it pained me for not been given the credits, the experience made me confident that I am good at writing scripts and that my stories are accepted by the audience.

The industry got to know about me when I was working for a screenplay and script of a film that it took almost year and a half. I was kept away from the project for some unhappy reasons and that pulled me down. It was then that friends Gopi Mohan, Dasaradh, Sudheer (Swamyrara fame) encouraged me and advised me to follow SYDFIELD and other successful people in screen writing. Gopi Mohan gave me a list of successful films that were super hits. I got the DVD’s of them, watched them and wrote notes on each of them, in terms of the films genre, predominant emotions, screenplay, what made it a hit and so on. Besides this, interaction with friends like Sudheer who had a larger exposure towards world cinema, helped me immensely to understand the difference between our films and foreign films in the way they are conceived.

About films that influenced him and a few directors whose films he has liking for….
Mounaragam, I saw it in Devi Theatre. My Seniors praised so much about it but I fell asleep. The movie went on for fifty days and I wondered what it had in it. I went second and third time. A scene where Revati asks for Divorce for her birthday gift zapped me. It was a different presentation of a very different relation. And then followed Shiva, geetanjali.

The first shooting I saw was Shiva. I remember it was at Keyes school. There was nothing there. No cast, nothing..a tea bandi, a couple of guys coming out of the gate. It went on 3 hours.

Later when I saw the film, it was the opening shot and the impact it had was amazing. I made up mind then. I just wanted to be into Films. I didn’t know about a director, DOP etc. All I wanted is to make a film. That’s when I began to follow films based on directors, genres. RGV, Maniratnam.

After I’ve joined as an apprentice with Rasool, I had access to Bollywood films. I was stunned by Anurag Kashyap’s movies and at the same time taken away by Farrhan Akhthar. RajkumarHirani is another guy I like. These are the guys I like watching to. Rock On, Dil Chahta Hai, 3 idiots…Different kindsI feel they made films in the kind of genre that I relate to. I watch all kinds of films but I can make only those kind of films that