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Exclusive: Interview with Maaya Heroine Avantika Mishra

What kind of a girl you were in childhood?
I was a very studios child and used to be active in sports. My life was only about studies and sports. I never felt that I could act but it actually happened

Teen Avantika
What was your parent’s reaction when you said you wanted to become an actress?
I actually wanted to become a model and used to dream to become Miss India but it was in a very childish way. My parents being very educated never wanted other things to hamper my studies. But when modeling happened to me they were very skeptical initially but finally agreed to go ahead.

It was my Mom’s idea to see me as an actress because she believes that there will not be much growth in Modeling. She suggested me to get into movies and It was only because of her blessings and support I am here on big screen.

How are you enjoying the success of your debut movie Maaya? Did you expected this success before?
To be very honest I didn’t come to the industry with any expectations. I just felt that I should give it my best and whatever comes my way and I took it in my stride. I am really happy with the success of Maaya movie. I got good response for the film

Only missing is that I couldn’t participate much for the promotions as I have already started shooting for my second film before the release of Maaya.

Tell us when and how you get in touch with Madhura Sridhar and how maya happened?
Madhura Sreedhar sir and Neelakanta sir who were looking for Meghna’s character, happened to see my pictures. I flew to Hyderabad for the audition after getting a call from them and enacted a couple of scenes. Within half an hour I signed the project. It’s like I reached morning to Hyderabad, signed by afternoon and back to home by evening.

Working experience under National Award winning Director Neela kanta?
He is extremely talented and he made me feel very comfortable on the sets. It was a fantastic learning experience for me.