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Exclusive: Interview with Maaya Heroine Avantika Mishra

Portraying such a challenging role as a fresher, you felt it challenging?
Once I listened to the story, I realized there is a lot of pride in the character. I was not nervous and It was basically the faith Sreedhar sir and Neelakanta sir had in me that it made me feel that I can do it. It gave me a lot of encouraging and I am glad you guys liked it.

Also I should thank my mom for supporting me. She helped me a lot morally in preparing myself for the character. Maaya is like a moral booster to me which will help in the future projects.

Have you experienced ESP in real life?
Not exactly Extra Sensory Perception but I have a very strong intuition. Generally women have strong gut feeling. When I met the team of Maaya I had this gut feeling that this is the Industry I should be in and I’m in safe hands.

About your co-star Harshavardhan?
He is an extremely professional and he is a multi talented guy and beyond that he is a great photographer.

Working in Dil Raju’s banner is dream come true for many? How does it feel like, getting it in your second film itself?
I listened to the story of kerintha and signed for my second movie during the shoot of Maaya. In july I signed for Kerintha and already completed one schedule. I’m very excited to be a part of this project working under Dil Raju’s sir banner and with people like Sai Kiran Adivi, Sumanth Ashwin.

Tell us something about your role in Kerintha?
My role in Kerintha will be completely opposite to what I did in Maaya. I’m playing a very modern and extremely bubbly girl. It’s a strong character with a realistic story and I’m glad to play such different roles very early in my career.