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Express Raja Movie Review

Express-Raja-7Title: Express Raja
Cast: Sharwanand, Surabhi, Sapthagiri and Prabhas Seenu
Director: Merlapaka Gandhi
Producer: Vamsi & Pramod
Cinematography: Karthik Ghattamaneni
Music: Praveen Lakkaraju
Banner: UV Creations
Release Date: 14-Jan-2015
Rating: 3.25/5.0After scoring a hit with his debut movie ‘Venkatadri Express’, director Merlapaka Gandhi has come up with ‘Express Raja’ starring Sharwanand and Surabhi. UV Creations who is known for stylish entertainers like Mirchi, Run Raja Run and Jil have produced this film. Releasing in a tight box office fight, can the film be the winner.. Lets see

Express Raja(Sharwanand) leads a jolly life along with his uncle Mavayya Seenu(Prabhas Seenu) in Vizag. Raja hates Dogs so much since childhood and his father Nagineedu doesn’t even give importance to his son which he gives to the pet dog because of Raja’s attitude. Raja along with Mavayya Seenu will be sent to Hyderabad by Circle Inspector Posani Krishna Murali. Raja fell in love at first sight with a strong and intelligent girl Amulya(Surabhi). At the time when Surabhi wants to reciprocate her love towards Raja, she will be annoyed as Raja hand’s over Amulya’s pet dog to the municipality who in turn sells to Supreet(Binami British).

Raja manages to rob the dog and meets Amulya but will get to know she is already engaged a day back. The robbing incident leads disturbance in Keshav Reddy’s life, who is an aspiring politician. Supreet will be in search for the dog. Who is Keshav Reddy and why Supreet is chasing the dog and how all of them are related to Raja and Amulya forms the rest of the film.

Director Merlapaka Gandhi has come out with a full time entertainer. He has utilised all the comedians well and special mention to Sapthagiri who has got a full length role after a long time. Film starts with the introduction of the dog stealing scene. The comedy between Sharwanand, Brahmaji and Prabhas Seenu worked well in the first half.

The pair Sharwanand and Surabhi looked very good on screen. Made on a moderate bugdet but there is no compromise on the visuals and cinematography. Shawanand’s characterization is very stylish and there is a subtle comic sense in his expressions.

Though the second half plot becomes confusing with more characters but overall the film manages to maintain the entertainment quotient. Most of the songs are visually good and engaging. The script at times looks very immature but the overall comedy is a good saving factor. some scenes reminds us of scenes in ‘Run Raja Run’ and ‘Venkatadri Express’.

Artists Performance:
Shawanand has looked very stylish on screen and his acting and comedy timing is fantastic. He leads the momentum of the film right from first shot to last shot.

Surabhi is glamorous and at the same time did well in the limited scope she has. Her performance is an much improved one.

Prabhas Seenu as the Mavayya of Sharwanand evokes decent comedy. Sapthagiri full length role as Pollution giri is a major plus to the film.

Urvasi is back after a long time but her role looks wasted

Technical Department:
Director Merlapaka Gandhi with a mediocre story depended upon the comedians to run the film. Film’s screenplay is racy except for few scenes in the second half which he should have avoided.

Music is one of the positive assets of the film especially 24*7, Colourful Chilaka and Ulalala songs are very good.

Cinematography is very decent.

Malligadu Verdict:
Good Time Pass Film For Festival Season.