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Friday Movie Report

Friday_ReleaseWith no big movie release this Friday many small budget movie got an chance to release their movies. Even couple of movies that stayed in studios long time got released this week. Audience had a choice to choose from 6 movies that came out this Friday.

Though six movies got released this weekend, half of them are with unknown lead cast. Kshanam, Eluka Mazaaka, Terror, Raju Gari Intlo Yaedova Roju, Veeri Veeri Gummadi Pandu, Padesave are trying their luck.

Kshanam is the only the movie which got very positive talk this Friday. Well framed screenplay impressed the audience and got successful at box office. Srikanth made a comeback after a long gap with Terror. Though the movie is good, lack of publicity failed to pull audience to theaters. Apart from these two, no other movie got a positive talk.