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Gaddam Gang Telugu Movie Review

Gaddam-Gang-Poster-1Title: Gaddam Gang
Cast: Raja Sekhar, Sheena, Rajesh, Achu, Naga babu, Naresh
Director: Santosh Peter Jayaram
Producer: Shivani and Shivatmika
Banner: Shivani Shivatmika Films
Music: Achu
Release Date: 06-Feb-2015
Rating: 2.5/5.0Raja sekhar realizing the value of entertainment which is missing in his earlier films, coming up with the remake of recent tamil super hit “Soodu Kavvam”. Out of action for long a time now, Rajasekhar pinned his hopes on the film to come back strong. Lets us see does he succeeded or not

Plot: Gaddam Das(Raja Sekhar), survives by doing petty kidnaps. Following a set of rules, he plans kidnaps, by which he never falls into any risk. He forms a team with Rajesh, Achu and other guy, it is the Gaddam Gang. Gaddam and his gang breaks the rules, for an Ambitious sum of 2 crores to kidnap a Minister’s son, and then falls into threat of their life, How they survives forms the proceedings.

Director Santosh peter sticking to the original, made the film as it is scene to scene but could not able to bring in that flavor, which has that raw appeal. Tamil film has many unknown faces which in my view was real X factor, casting was real spoil sport in the telugu version.

For a plot where there is no scope for female lead, writer included a heroine character in an unusually entertaining role, that thought should be appreciated.

First half goes in an entertaining way and becomes boring in the second half, Yog jappe’s roles which provided super entertainment in Tamil, failed big time in telugu. In second half director should have some changes which may have suited the telugu nativity.

Artists Performances:

Raja Sekhar, he has nothing to prove any new, but somehow one gets a feeling that he is unable to adopt to the changing times. He should have opted for more subtle performance.

Sheena has nothing to offer except the glamour as per the script, she doesn’t disappoints.

Achu is not only a good music director, also a good actor. Rajesh got a meaty role in which he excelled.

Naresh and Nagababu doesn’t suited the bill. Yog Jappe, that muted police officer disappoints. Tulasi is loud, noel justified his role.

Technical Departments:

Director partially successful, he should have given Raja sekhar a different body language. Achu’s music is average. Editing is okay, cinematography is good.

Rajasekhar have to wait for his success. An average treat for those who haven’t seen the original.