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Heroes And Directors To Pay 50% Remuneration

Aagadu-rabhasa-Sikendar-silm-flops-made-huge-losses-to-distrubutorsAndhra Pradesh Film Chamber of Commerce meeting happened yesterday in Vizag and a resolution is passed that the directors and actors should pay 50% of their remunerations to compensate with the losses if the film fails at the box office. The meeting stems from the fact that star heroes and directors are charging huge remunerations and the budget is increasing massively. To recover this producers need to sell at a huge price to distributors.
Only distributors and exhibitors are suffering from losses. Veerunaidu, secretary of TFDA said they had faced massive losses for the recently released star movies Sikander and Rabhasa and even Aagadu doesn’t look promising. They wanted the star heroes and directors to compensate for the losses. Even big producer like Dil Raju has reportedly lost 5 crore in Nizam for Rabhasa and 2 crore in Uttara Andhra for Aagadu.Some blame director as the sole reason for the failure as they can’t blame the star because of them movie gets big openings. Some blame the producers for not involving in the story discussions, developments as they are now treated only as cashiers.
For Aagadu, director Srinu Vaitla reportedly got 12 crore and Mahesh Babu got 18 crore as a remuneration. This led to the budget of the film escalating to 60+ crore which is why producer need to sell at a record price. But after three days of its release collections have fallen drastically. Hope there will be a cordial agreement between the distributors, actors and directors.