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Hot Telugu Actress turned to Sita

getimage.dllAnchor turned Hyderabadi Actress Madhu Shalini will be seen as Sita in a Short film named “Seethavaalokhanam”. The dusky beauty has done ultra glamorous and bold scenes earlier in Ram Gopal Varma’s Department movie and now she is doing a different role.

Madhu Shalini says, Usually, we hear more about Sita’s hardships, but Seethavaalokhanam is different. The entire plot revolves around Sita, who narrates her story to Ahalya. We have completed the shooting and it’s turned out quite well.”

Talking about her experience, the actress says, “I was a little nervous about doing the role, since all the dialogues were in grandhikam, which are tough to pronounce. I have never done anything like this before.”

Most short films are made with minimal budget; however, Madhu Shalini admits that this one turned out to be much bigger than planned. “We shot the short film using Red Epic camera. Since I design my own costumes, my mother and I ran around to buy the fabrics and temple jewellery which would suit the character. I must add that I felt like a princess for a day,” she says.