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“I’m not a Cow” – Devi Sri Punch to Boyapati

????????????????????????????????????????Boyapati Seenu is one director who has got the reputation of extracting performance from every technician for the betterment and success of the film. He always tries to take credit alone for the success of the film. The same was repeated during Legend Success Celebrations.

Talking about Devi Sri Prasad, the director said he has made Devi work for 13 days continuously with hardly any sleep which normally Devi doesn’t do for other movies and because of doing so he has extracted best of music from Devi.

Immediately Devi took the Mike from Boyapati and clarified to the audience that he is not a Cow to extract music from him and he always puts best efforts to any movie for giving a rocking music. He also told that he is successful only because of his hard work and dedication only and not because of extraction from directors. Everyone is shell shocked from his statements and neither the producers nor Balayya tried to intervene.

Boyapati tried to do the damage control saying Devi has worked so hard for this film and is a crucial role in the success of the film but the damage has already been done.