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Indian Pledge First Line Is Sundeep Kishan’s Title


Sundeep Kishan who registered a good hit in the form of Tiger, starts a new film. The film is titled deriving inspiration from initial lines of Indian pledge All Indians Are my Brothers and Sisters “Oka Ammayi Thappa”. This is one of most famous dialogues uttered by teenagers, it should connect to the audience immediately.

Other casting details are yet to be revealed, Sundeep Kishan asked for wishes and support from his followers. This young star is currently working for a bi-lingual. Sundeep Kishan announced the title through his micro blogging website. Muhurath of the film’s is set to be held today.

Film will be produced by Anji reddy, where Rajasimha will wield the mega phone. Mickey J Meyer wil compose the music for the film, Anal Arasu will compose fight sequences. Editing and Art will be handled by Gautham Raju and Chinna respectively. Keeping the sentiment intact for Sundeep hit films, Chota K Naidu will handle cinematography