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Exclusive: Interview With ‘Run Raja Run’ Director Sujeeth Sign

It was all started with the appreciation of his mother to narrate stories. His love on camera made him to make films. RTC X Roads made him to love the films and motivated to take film making as a career and he is very proud to say that his film is releasing in Sandhya Theatre at RTC X Roads. He is young  and just 25 years old, nearly 30 short films to his credit and making his directorial debut with Run Raja Run releasing on August 1st. He believes in hardwork and self confidence.

Malligadu in conversation with Young Debutante Director Sujeeth Sign.


When and how you realized that you have a film maker in you?
It was in me since my childhood and I love story telling. I never had interest towards Hindi, to avoid Hindi my tuitions I used to cook up stories. Generally kids tell their mothers that teacher is unwell or went somewhere, but I used to narrate different stories every time to make my mother believe. But on one occasion when my mother met my Hindi teacher and the whole scene got revealed. My mother Instead of scolding me, she appreciated my story telling skills and that is when I came to know that I can narrate stories well.

Tell us something about your family background?
I am from a middle class family with no film background. My father is a Charted Accountant and my mother is a house wife. My brother is a Software Engineer who stays in US and he is my best critic.

How did your family received with your decision to turn a film maker?
When I was 17, I told my parents about my film aspirations and it was a shocker for my father as I was a bright student and my parents wanted to see me as an IAS or IPS. So my father took me to a star director who is my father’s friend. He warned me on the difficulties that one needs to face to survive in the film Industry which I took as a challenge and started working on them.

You are Just 25 now and there are about 30 – 40 short films on YouTube and your debut movie Run Raja Run is releasing this Friday, when actually you started filming?
Like I said earlier, I started filming very early. I love cameras and I used to film with my Nokia 6600 but never told to my parents. But when they got to know about my short films my mother bought me a camera since then it has become my profession.