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Exclusive: Interview With ‘Run Raja Run’ Director Sujeeth Sign

Sujeeth_Sarwa_ghibran_madhiHow “Run Raja Run” happened, is it the same story which you have shown in the short film with the same name?
Except the name, nothing is similar to the short film. “Run Raja Run” title is liked by the producers and it suits the story, so we zeroed on the title. Run Raja Run, is all about how a person becomes from a Zero to a Hero. It was during Attarintiki Daredi’s audio function, I narrated the story and in a single sitting producers finalized the story and given a nod to pen down the dialogues.Initially I planned for a love story for my debut which has got loads of sentiments which requires huge budget. For a first timer no producer can afford such a budget. So I have to come up with a script which is viable for producers and can get completed in a short span. I took it as a challenge and wrote “Run Raja Run” story in just 6 and half days.

Sharwanand is known for his intense and subtle mannerisms, how do you see Sarva in this entertainment driven character?
Yes, Sharwanand is known for his intense and subtle mannerisms, but personally he is very jovial and a spontaneous person which is needed for his characterization. This character is very nearer to what Sarva in his real life. When producers are considering Sarva, I felt happy that if Sarva accepts the script it will certainly be a confidence booster for me as Sarva chooses scripts selectively. He immediately gave his nod once I narrated the script to him. I am very confident that the audience will certainly see a new Sharwanand in this movie.

Tell me about your team Ghibran, Madhi and other crew?
Our first choice was a fresher, but somehow we couldn’t finalize on anyone. I will take the credit of recognizing the talent in Ghibran and introducing to Telugu cinema as I had a caller tune of his song for 1 year on my mobile phone. It is a song from Tamil movie “Vaagai Soodu Vaa” which prompted me to have a word with him. When I heard the name Ghibran I felt very strange and producers too felt the same. But after the initial conversation we got to know about his immense talent and his humble nature. He has given 5 different songs which reflect the heart and soul of the movie.

Coming to Madhi sir, in the whole journey of Run Raja Run I never felt so tensed to narrate the story to anybody. I am really tensed narrating it to Madhi sir, because being first timer my movie needs his experience and with his cinematography he could take it to the next level. After a few minutes of narration he made me very comfortable and he accepted to work for my movie. In the sets we used to enjoy a lot we become more than a team.

Tell us about the roles played by Sampath and Seshu Adivi?
This film revolves around five characters Sarva, Seerat Kapoor, Sampath, Sesh Adivi and JP. Scenes between Sarva and Sampath have come out really good. It is like Tom and Jerry kind of fights between them but sometimes Sarva becomes Tom and at times Sampath.

Sesh Adivi is an extremely talented guy who is playing a cop role in this movie.

JP who is a popular artist in Tamilnadu has done complete justice to his character. These guys are amazing.

Seerat is a gifted artist and awesome dancer, she is here to stay.