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Exclusive: Interview With ‘Run Raja Run’ Director Sujeeth Sign

Who are the directors and what are the movies that influenced you? Favorite actors, directors, artist, heroines?
No influences as such but I have favorites. My parents used to tell that I was born in the year “Geetanjali” and “Shiva” got released, i.e., 1989. I love Mani Ratnam’s and RGV’s film making. They are two contrasting film makers but it is amazing to know that they both worked for a film like Donga Donga. Coming to heroes, I am a fan of handsome hero Nagarjuna and Pawan Kalyan. It was at the age of 9, I used to have long hairs and people used to call me “Yera Pawan Kalyan anukuntunnava”. At that age, all I know about Pawan Kalyan is, he is brother of Chiranjeevi, but didn’t saw any of his movies. I saw the poster of Thammudu and instantly become his fan and after watching the film in theatre I become mad about him, I am fan of SRK and Rajni sir too.

Can we expect shortfilms after this from “Sign Creations”. Have you signed any movie?
I Love making short films, I can’t distance myself from short films. I have uploaded many short films on youtube which are entertainment driven but I made some unique films which are being reserved for film festivals, I will make them all available on youtube. Also, in future I am planning to add 4-5 minute short films to the movies which I will direct in future. These will be played just before interval and in this way I can motivate more people to direct films.

Regarding my next commitments, couple of projects are in pipeline and the discussions are going on. I will confirm you as soon as they gets finalized.

Finally, every short film from Sujeeth Sign starts with a note saying thanks to your parents, whom do you thankful for this debut feature film.
There is no thank you card in the titles for this movie, because if I have to thank everyone who made my directorial debut possible and it will be long list of names. After films release I make sure I thank them all personally, positively at film’s success meet.