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Jil Movie Review

Jil_Movie_PosterTitle: Jil
Cast: Gopichand, Rashi Khanna
Director: Radha Krishna
Producer: Vamsi, Pramod
Music: Ghibran
Production House: UV Creations
Release Date: 27-Mar-2015
Run Time: 140 Minutes
Rating: 3/5

Gopi Chand after delivering his come back hit with Loukyam in 2014, joined hands with UV Creations who are creating a brand of themselves for Jil. Raashi Khanna is the leading lady, Avasarala Srinivas played an important role.

An Interesting tale start off with Chota Nayak, a Mumbai Don escaping from the Police custody. Nayak and his gang are in search of Ranganath (Brahmaji). Ranganath is friend of Nayak and become approver.

On an another thread Fire Officer Jai (Gopichand) who doesn’t hesitate to take any risk to rescue people falls in love with Savithri (Raashi Khanna), but twist of events makes Jai involved in the tussle between the Nayak and Ranganath, where he has zero involvement.

How does Nayak effects Jai’s normal life? How Jai manages to solve the problem? Why Don and his team attacking Jai? Forms the rest of the story

Radha Krishna has an interesting plot to narrate and presented the actual plot with a good impact. But, failed to execute the plot in a tight screenplay. The filler scenes and the other characters which are meant give needed impetus to the plot were gone unregistered.

Gopichand was given a new look and but he carried the same shade of angry young man throughout the film. His strengths are well captured in the action episodes. Romance between the lead pair is awesome and comedy is bit off track.

Production values by UV Creations is the one of the high lights of the film. Songs pictured in foreign location are very well made. Gopichand showed his dancing skills in one of the songs, it is a surprise for his fans.

Cast Performances:
Gopichand looks new in the film and he carried the character well. He danced well and shared good chemistry with Raashi. His expressions in action episodes are too good.

Raashi Khanna done an exceptional job, her quirky expressions in liter scene are something to be seen.

Srinivas Avasarala who supposed to be done a key role gone unnoticed. Chalapathi Rao and Urvasi are routine. The guy who does the villain is brilliant. Posani is irritating and Prabhas Srinu is good.

Technical Department:
Director is partially successful. He handled the key scenes well, but lack of experience shown in giving that crispness to some of the episodes. Screenplay seems dragging. Editing is very ordinary. Art department done an exceptional job and cinematography is top notch. Songs are different, which pictured in a suited way. Background music is one of the highlights of the movie.

An Interesting plot. Watch it for Gopichand, he doesn’t disappoints.