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Kanche Movie Review

Varun_Tej_Kanche_NewLookTitle: Kanche

Cast: Varun Tej, Pragya Jaiswal & Nikitin Dheer

Director: Krish Jagarlamudi

Producer: Sai Babu & Rajeev Reddy

Music: Chirantan Bhatt

Cinematography: Gnana Sekhar

Release Date: 22-Oct-2015

Malligadu Rating: 3.25/5

Director Krish who is known for his off beat films has come up with Kanche, a historical film which is based on World War II. He has chosen Varun Tej and Pragya Jaiswal for this film. The Trailer has got tremendous response and is appreciated from all corners. Whether Kanche can become a commercial hit.


Set during the backdrop of World War II in 1944 when Royal Indian Army supporting Italy to counter Germany. Dhupati Hari Babu(Varun) joins the forces which is led by Eswar(Nikitin Dheer). Animosity between Hari Babu and Eswar dates back to 1936 where Sita(Pragya Jaiswal), sister of Eswar and Hari Babu love each other. Their love is objected by Eswar and his father as Hari Babu comes from a lower caste family. Eswar and his father conspires to kill Hari Babu by creating caste felling with in the village.

In current times, German soldiers attacks base of Italy from all corners and captures Eswar and Lt General. Hari Babu left with another 4 will follow the German soldiers to release Eswar and Lt General. On the process he frees Italian hostages who were held by German soldiers. Hari Babu and team chalks out a plan to take hostages to a safe location. Will Hari Babu frees Eswar and whether he put the hostages on a safe location? What happened to Hari Babu and Sita forms the rest of the story.


Though Kanche story is set in the back drop of World War II, it has nothing to do about the history of it. The basic plot is the love story between Varun and Pragya Jaiswal. The emotions of love and the importance of people being together with out any castes is the message delivered by Krish. One war sequence in the first half is visually stunning but a bit lengthy. Varun Tej saving the hostages at the end of first half is fantastically shot.

Love story between the lead pair shot in the village background is very genuine. Repetitive flash back with current times might break the flow of the film. Narration in the Second half slows down with more emotions taking the lead. Each and every frame of the film be it a war scene or a village backdrop is visually rich.

Varun Tej costumes and his attitude is very apt. Pragya Jaiswal is shown as a princess and her costumes were taken special care which has grandeur. Scenes between Varun Tej and Nikitin Dheer are shot well. Over all one should appreciate the content selected by Krish and making this happen. The best part is he didn’t add any commercial elements to spoil the film flow.

Cast Performance:

Varun Tej: He has excelled both as a war soldier and a true lover. His body and height suits the character and he has given his best shot. His performance in emotional scenes have come up well. He slightly needs to improve on the dialogue delivery.

Pragya Jaiswal: She is a perfect apt as a princess and is looking very beautiful in the film.

Nikitin Dheer: He has got a good role to perform which has both positive and negative shades. His performance is appreciable.

Technical Department:

Director Krish need to be appreciated by dreaming a film set in World War II and making it happen. His detailing is very good and he should also be appreciated for the locales he has chosen for the film.

Dialogues from Kranthi Madhav needs special appreciation. Be his dialogues on Caste or on love, these will be remembered for a long time.

Back ground music from Chirantan is fantastic. All songs are very good especially ‘Itu Itu’.

Cinematography is a excellent and well picturised, no faults to look at.

Malligadu Verdict:

Kanche Is an International Standard Film With Good Human Emotions and a Must Watch