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Kejriwal embarrassed again

AravindTwo Aam Aadmi Party candidates filed for Lucknow.

Aam Admi party Lucknow candidate, Jaaved Jaaferi nomination might get rejected because of the inconsistencies in his voter registration. So, as cover candidate AAP made Adarsh Shastri, grandson of Late Lal Bahadur Sastry, to file the nomination. Both the candidates filed the nomination today, the last day for nominations. As per the sources, Jaaferi voted in 2008 from Mumbai. Later his name got removed from the list and he was not registered as a voter anywhere in India.

Initially Adarsh was selected for Lucknow, but later replaced by Jaaferi, though local cadre opposed.

AAP released that this apprehension was due to delay on the part of the government officials to include Jaaferi’s name in the voters’ list.