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Kushboo’s Harsh Comments On Rajini Kanth Become Sensational

Kushboo-harsh-Comments-on-RajinikanthRajini Kanth, enjoys unanimous Super star status allover the nation and he is known for his simplicity, humbleness and helping nature. He has to face some harsh comments by a popular actress belonging to his own state Tamil Nadu. Kushboo who only recently joined congress party has made some sensational comments on Superstar Rajini Kanth, that too in an official meeting in the presence of Sonia Gandhi.

Kushboo at the Political meeting speaking about the superstar,said “politics would not be like acting in a blockbuster film. If Rajini kanth really wants to serve people, he should enter politics, rather than confusing people regarding his political entry”.

Coming these comments from the actress who dilly dallied before joining congress, Surprised many. She by herself condemned the news of she going to join congress, on twitter a couple of times. But, letting her fans into confusion, she joined congress and in no time she made these harsh comments on none other than Asian Superstar.

This is not the first time, khushboo targeting Rajini Kanth, she said a few months back that she will never act alongside Rajini Kanth, even if she is offered a role. Kushboo’s Harsh comments on Rajini Kanth become sensational, lets wait and see how Tamilnadu folks reacts to these comments.