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Ladies & Gentlemen Telugu Movie Review

10957899_400688453440679_2461379028628936933_nTitle: Ladies & Gentlemen
Cast: Chaitanya Krishna, Adivi Sesh, Kamal, Mahat, Nikhita, Swati Dixit, Jasmine
Producer: Madhura Sreedha Reddy
Director: PB Manjunath
Cinematography: Jagan Chavali
Music: Kunche Raghu
Editing: Naveen Nuli
Dialogues: Nivas
Rating: 3/5

Here comes a new Friday, and this week’s release is “Ladies & Gentlemen”, Directed by the talented PB Manjunath in Madhura Sreedhar Reddy production. Film has an ensemble casting of Mahat, Chaitanya Krishna, Kamal Kamaraj, Adivi Sesh, Nikhitha Narayan. Film’s unique posters and Promotional song social media created curiosity among film lovers, lets see how the movie is.

Film revolves round three major characters. Krishna Murthy (Chaitanya), an introvert from a middle class family who excels in academics. He feels that he never likes by a girl, but, through social media he finds Deepa (Swati).

And there is Priya (Nikhita) who feels alone, because her rich husband Anand (Kamal), who always busy with his work and ignores her. She finds solace in her old friend Rahul (Adivi sesh) who gets in touch through Social media.

And third character is Vijay (Mahat), who has this criminal mind set and liking for money. He through his hacking skills and criminal ideas gets money, which he spends for his model girlfriend Anjali (Jasmine) who later refuses him knowing that he is a fraud.

What happened to three characters, who opted for temporary solutions in life makes the story.

Film is a take on social media and tells the story of the people who falls prey for cyber-crimes. Director chosen right characters, where audience can see themselves to narrate an honest story. Directed never really bothered to insert sub plots, focused solely on the plot he want he wants to convey.

First half goes on in a rather predictable way and picks pace at the mid-way, laying a good platform for the second half. Last 30 minutes of the film is heart and soul of the film. It tells the hard consequences of being careless and ambitious.

Each song is good and Raghu Kuche’s variations in BGM in each of the three plots is amazing. Social media andi babu song pictured well and it tells the theme of the story. Remaining songs too are good on ears.

Arists Performances:
Chaitanya Krishna is usual, but could have given him rather different look or body language, he never looked innocent.

Kamal Kamaraj done justice to role and Adivi Seshu excelled in his role. Mahat is a revelation he owned the character.

Nikhitha’s expression in the last scene is great and she have done good job. Swathi Dixit made her presence felt, Jasmine is adequate.

Techinical Departments:
Manjunath as a debutante pulled a rather challenging subject very easily. With many characters screenplay never looks confusing, but seems slow at some points.
Cinematography is good, Editing is great, Dialogues could have been better. Music by Raghu Kunche is top notch.

A Honest attempt on Cyber-crimes.